The Ridgetown Adult Centre

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Members helping Members

We now have a bulletin board in the Boardroom for postings for members helping members.

If there is something you need done, or if their is something you can do. These can both be posted on the board. 

All postings must be brought to the office in order to be posted.

The Centre assumes no responsibility in relation to any ads that are posted.

It is the responsibility of members to contact one another to arrange the work needed, or offered.

Ads to be no larger than 3" x 5".

From Handy Brothers Climate Care

On snow days like this you need to make sure that your direct vent furnace has air to breathe.

If your furnace vents out the side of your house you need to clear away any snow that may be drifting up around the intake or exhaust vents.

If your furnace stops please take some household tools out with you to check the vents. You will need a screw driver, flash light, wooden spoon with a long handle and a table spoon.

If you have a grate in your vent please pop it off with screw driver it is likely silicone in. Then look in both vents with the flashlight to see if there is snow inside. Scoop out any snow you see. Then tap on the vents to clear any snow that may have built up. When you have the vents clear then reset your furnace by turning the furnace switch off and wait a minute or two then turn it back on. (it looks like a light switch on the ceiling on high up on the wall)

Make sure your filter is clean.

Hopefully you now will get heat.

Carbon monoxide is invisible, silent, and deadly.

Don’t take chances. Have a CO alarm installed in your home today.

Every year, Canadians die or are seriously injured by carbon monoxide poisoning. Chances are there is something in your home that could pose a carbon monoxide threat. Carbon monoxide is found in propane, natural gas, wood, heating oil, gasoline and many other substances commonly found in homes.

Weed Be Gone - It works!