The Ridgetown Adult Centre

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Conceptual Site Plan

Conceptual Floor Plan

Programming At The Centre

Independent News Article - December 16, 2020

Key to the success of The Centre will be the development and implementation of dynamic programs to meet the needs and interests of the diverse demographic that The Centre is mandated to serve.

As we move towards our target building occupancy date (early May 2021) we need to recognize that at that date there will likely be Covid-19 restrictions still in place. Therefore, our program delivery readiness will require a degree of flexibility to accommodate such restrictions.

For ease in administration, scheduling and pricing, programs have been grouped into ten categories:

Proposed Activities, Programs and Services

  1. Arts and Crafts Activities
  2. Board Game (Activities)
  3. Card Game (Activities)
  4. Education Programs
  5. Fitness Activities
  6. Health and Wellness Activities and Programs
  7. Social Programs
  8. Special Interest Programs
  9. Sporting Activities
  10. Technology Programs

Within these 10 categories will be 73 different programs for member participation, 39 of these programs are part of the current program of offerings and 34 are new. All 73 will be offered on site at The Centre.

In addition to the 73 on site program offerings 29 programs will be offered offsite in conjunction with a partner organization.

Please see our website for a complete list of onsite proposed program offerings.

Two other matters deserve comment at this time.

Rumours are in circulation that The Centre has raised all its required funds. That is not the case. Fundraising continues.

As to local firms not working on the project, some local firms invited to submit bids, declined to do so.


Construction Starts - August 31, 2020

Equipment is moved in and we couldn't be more excited. Watch here for the progress of The New Centre

The Site work is underway.

The foundation is in.

The Steel Structure is going up and the Portico is taking shape.

The Insulated Metal Panels go on and the building takes shape.

The Stonework is going on, siding is yet to be installed.

The Interior Walls are going in. 

The Portico is being finished, and it looks great!

The Curbs are poured and the first coat of Asphalt is down.

The HVAC units are lifted up onto the roof.

The Siding and Stonework are in progress and the Windows are going in!

Siding and Stonework are complete.

The big corner windows are amazing, I cannot believe the natural light.

More work is happening inside.