The Ridgetown Adult Centre

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Conceptual Site Plan

Conceptual Floor Plan

August 5, 2021

We Can Now See A Light AT The End Of The Tunnel.

And It Is Not An Oncoming Train

Development of the New Centre is nearing completion. From a ground-breaking in August 2020 moving into the New Centre is being planned for September 2021, with program testing to take place in the October to December 2021 period.

In late August Sharon will be contacting all former members to complete a new registration form, following which a membership card will be issued. As well, invitations will be extended to new members to join The Centre. Access fees will be deferred until April 1, 2022.

There will be no participation fees for those involved in program testing. In December 2021 program participation fees and the Access Fee for the 2022 – 2023 program year (April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023) will be announced.

The status of building construction is Building Exterior – 85% complete and Building Interior – 90% complete.

Still to be completed outside the building:

  • Final coat of asphalt on the parking area.
  • Landscaping – planting of trees, shrubs, grass, and installation of a sprinkler system.
  • Installation of a chain link fence on the storm water management wall to keep people from using the wall as a pathway from Erie Street to the alley.
  • Installation of sunscreens over the windows.

Still to be completed inside the building:

  • Installation of fixtures in the washrooms, kitchen, and member’s lounge.
  • Installation of technology, security, and safety equipment.
  • Installation of cabinetry and shelving in storage areas.

Fundraising is still ongoing, so donations are welcome. Contact Sharon at The Centre (519-674-5126) if you wish to make a donation.

The Centre News - February 24, 2021

For the past two months most of the activity at The New Centre site has been inside the building.

Once doors and windows were installed in December the three main sub-contractors moved in (electrical, plumbing, and mechanical) and all utilities and services have been connected / installed.

The building is fully heated, interior lighting has been installed and wiring and cabling for communications requirements, for information technology requirements, and security requirements has been installed.

Plumbing fixtures will be installed in March.

Drywall was hung and finished in January and early February. Painting of the entire interior is underway and will be completed by early March.

Six rooms have drop ceilings and these will be installed in March. Flooring will be installed in March and April.

Once Spring weather arrives there are a few projects to be completed on the property. The Parking area requires a second coat of asphalt, some aspects of the Municipal Storm Water Management Plan must be completed, and the property must be landscaped. The Development Team is presently reviewing proposals from area landscape contractors.

The Development Team has developed an Occupancy Plan Framework and is presently developing a Plan for Opening The Centre for Member Use.

While developing The New Centre in the midst of a Pandemic was not without its challeng4es, opening The Centre in the midst of a Pandemic, comes with an even greater set of challenges.

Guiding the work of The Development Team to ensure a safe and healthy working and participating environment for staff, members and volunteers and safeguarding the broader community will be new and evolving information communicated by:

  1. Government of Ontario, Ministry of Health.
  2. Public Health of Chatham-Kent.
  3. Public Health of Ontario.
  4. Public health Agency of Canada.
  5. Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  6. Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario.
  7. Covid-19 Resources Handbook.
  8. Municipality of Chatham-Kent (Fire and Emergency Services).

Centre specific health and safety protocols, procedures and protective measures that must be in place prior to The Centre opening will be:

  1. Entry Protocols
  2. Exit Protocols.
  3. Screening.
  4. PPE Requirements.
  5. Source Control Masking Requirements.
  6. Signage.
  7. Control traffic flow / wayfinding (one-way vs. two-way).
  8. Cohorting. ①
  9. Physical Distancing.
  10. Occupancy Limits (maximize group distancing).
  11. Elimination / Reduction of Touchpoints.
  12. Hand Hygiene Protocols.
  13. Cleaning and disinfection.
  14. Washroom Protocols.
  15. Eating / Drinking Requirements.
  16. Limiting personal items.
  17. Management / Isolation of Suspected or Confirmed Cases of COVOD-19.
  18. Covid Safety Plan

①Cohorting is the practice of keeping members together in small groups throughout the day / morning / afternoon, with limited exposure to others.

The environment in which The New Centre will operate will be a changed environment driven by greater health and safety concerns and requirements. As well the new facility must be tested.

Under consideration is the following multiphase approach to “Opening and Member Use of The New Centre”:

Move in and Set Up - May 2021

Test Program

  • Test the facility with a broad range of programs.
  • Test to determine which programs may be unable to run.
  • Test member interest and support.
  • Test staff ability to deal with protocols and the facility.
  • Test the health and safety protocols.
  • Test a typical Program Plan.

Test Facility, Programs, Staff and Volunteers

Phase 1 – 3 months

Would test a select group of programs with a small number of recruited members who meet the entry (admission) requirement.

Phase 2 – 4 months

Would test a broad range of programs with a larger number of recruited members who meet the entry (admission) requirement.

Phase 3 – 3 months

Would test a typical program plan open to the full membership who meet the entry (admission) requirement.

While this may seem like a long period of time to re-open, member and staff health and safety is our priority.

Donations are welcome!

Programming At The Centre

Independent News Article - December 16, 2020

Key to the success of The Centre will be the development and implementation of dynamic programs to meet the needs and interests of the diverse demographic that The Centre is mandated to serve.

As we move towards our target building occupancy date (early May 2021) we need to recognize that at that date there will likely be Covid-19 restrictions still in place. Therefore, our program delivery readiness will require a degree of flexibility to accommodate such restrictions.

For ease in administration, scheduling and pricing, programs have been grouped into ten categories:

Proposed Activities, Programs and Services

  1. Arts and Crafts Activities
  2. Board Game (Activities)
  3. Card Game (Activities)
  4. Education Programs
  5. Fitness Activities
  6. Health and Wellness Activities and Programs
  7. Social Programs
  8. Special Interest Programs
  9. Sporting Activities
  10. Technology Programs

Within these 10 categories will be 73 different programs for member participation, 39 of these programs are part of the current program of offerings and 34 are new. All 73 will be offered on site at The Centre.

In addition to the 73 on site program offerings 29 programs will be offered offsite in conjunction with a partner organization.

Please see our website for a complete list of onsite proposed program offerings.

Two other matters deserve comment at this time.

Rumours are in circulation that The Centre has raised all its required funds. That is not the case. Fundraising continues.

As to local firms not working on the project, some local firms invited to submit bids, declined to do so.

                                                                                             The Grass Is Greener On...                                                          August 27, 2021

Landscaping of The Centre property at 40 Erie Street South is underway beginning with the laying of sod. Installation of the sod will be completed prior to September 1st. Following the installation of the sod will be the planting of trees and shrubs. To ensure that the grass and plantings will survive and flourish an irrigation system has been installed.

In the coming days the final coat of asphalt will be applied to the parking area completing a major aspect of the property and building exterior. A safety fence has recently been installed on the stone wall which borders the north side of the property.

One last item to complete on the exterior of the building is the fine tuning of the lighting on the exterior of the building and the parking area lighting, to ensure it meets the requirement of the approved master lighting plan.

Delays in receiving fixtures for the washrooms and millwork and furniture for the kitchen, activity rooms and Member’s lounge will affect our scheduled completion date of early September. Completion date is now expected to be early October.

As development of the building is being finalized Staff and the Implementation Team are developing protocol manuals and health and safety manuals.

A major matter under consideration by The Board of Directors is masking and vaccination requirements by all persons entering The Centre.

Also underway is the development of a Communications Plan to introduce our key stakeholders to The New Centre.

- Submitted by Bob Dye and Sharon Alliet


Construction Starts - August 31, 2020

Equipment is moved in and we couldn't be more excited. Watch here for the progress of The New Centre

The Site work is underway.

The foundation is in.

The Steel Structure is going up and the Portico is taking shape.

The Insulated Metal Panels go on and the building takes shape.

The Stonework is going on, siding is yet to be installed.

The Interior Walls are going in. 

The Portico is being finished, and it looks great!

The Curbs are poured and the first coat of Asphalt is down.

The HVAC units are lifted up onto the roof.

The Siding and Stonework are in progress and the Windows are going in!

Siding and Stonework are complete.

The big corner windows are amazing, I cannot believe the natural light.

More work is happening inside.

Drywall is making the rooms take shape.

Painting is progressing nicely. 

The sign is up. "We are The Centre"

They are now working on the floors. 

Doors are hung and the rooms are taking shape.

The Moveable walls are installed and operational

Cupboards are going in.

Getting ready for the final coat of asphalt

The safety fence is being installed on the stone wall.

The Sod Goes Down.

Final Coat of Asphalt being put down.