The Ridgetown Adult Centre 

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Please enjoy this months word: Positivity

                              the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.


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The Ridgetown and Area Adult Activity Centre is a not-for-profit Corporation, facilitating affordable accessible activities, programs and services, to enhance the quality of life of its members and community.

We are fully accessible from Main Street and provide an accessible washroom.

We have a complete computer center with WiFi, Skype and Internet access. 

Drop in anytime for coffee, tea and cookies and tour our facility.



We are open weekdays from 9:00am to 4:30pm and evenings and weekends as programs dictate.

19-21 Main Street, Ridgetown, ON N0P2C0  519.674.5126  

Our Membership and Facility Use Forms are now available on line! Click Me

Latest article from the Indy News!      January 2019


Adult Activity Centre Begins Implementation of a

Technology Approach to Facilitate Member Access to The Centre and its Programs

Submitted by Bob Dye and Sharon Alliet

Beginning April 1, 2019 member access into The Ridgetown and Area Adult Activity Centre will be facilitated by an Access Card System.

Each member of the Centre will be provided with a personal access card (similar in size and type as your Tim Horton’s card). To gain access to The Centre, a Member’s Access Card will be scanned by a Card Reader under the control of the Receptionist at the Registration Desk. The Card Reader is linked to The Centre’s data base and the Receptionist is able to confirm that the Member has paid the Annual Access Fee and has paid the Participation Fee for the Program in which the Member plans to participate. Registration and payment would be prior to participation for regularly scheduled programs. (examples: cards, cribbage, glee club) Participation Fees would be prepaid in blocks of 10 participations. Periodically scheduled and select Programs (examples: foot clinic, trips, meals) fees would be prepaid at time of registration. For Program offerings offsite (examples: lane bowling, pickleball) access card readers will be available at all offsite locations, administered by a Program Leader.

This approach to Centre Access, and Program Participation is a more business-like approach to Program Management. Centre Management will be better able to track Program popularity and match program revenue with program cost.

Currently underway is a program pricing project led by the Centre’s Financial Management Committee. The Committee is being guided by the following principles in its pricing exercise:

  • Member Ability and Willingness to Pay.
  • Direct Cost Recovery.
  • Contribution to Centre’s Operational Overhead.
  • Select Programs may be Subsidized for Regular Members. (Maximum Subsidy will be Total Overhead Contribution.)
  • Non-Members Will Pay a Premium for Accessing Select Programs.
  • Overall Pricing to Recognize Operating Costs are likely to be higher in a New Centre.

When completed price lists will be posted and circulated.

The new approach to Centre Access and Program Pricing is an integral part of the development of Ridgetown’s New Member Focused Adult Activity Centre – The Centre of the Community.


2nd Wednesday of each month. 

  1. Foot Clinic
  2. Blood Pressure (Free Service)
  3. Hearing Aid Testing and Cleaning (Free Service)

Everyone Welcome!

Call The Centre at 519-674-5126 to make a Foot Clinic Appointment.



Wellness is the compete integration of body, mind, and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.

      •                                                     February is Heart Month


      • Valentines Day                                                                                               – February 14

      • World Thinking Day                                                                                     - February 22

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